5 Upcoming Web Design Trends for 2022

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Web design trends appear out of nowhere. They come in response to the actual needs of the web users in a given time frame. Those needs can address anything from making the web more useful, more enjoyable, or more comfortable.

When changes are taking place in the outside world that can make everyday life more difficult or less predictable, people seek stability and balance. This is how our world looks at the moment, and there is a desire for a greater sense of stability and peace that we see reflected in the web design trends of 2022.

Let’s take a closer look at these five trends. As we do this, we will use the selection of BeTheme Pre-built websites to illustrate what is involved in these trends. You can use them for inspiration or to rapidly and cost-effectively build or redesign sites for your customers.

If you design your customers’ websites with the latest web design trends, you’ll help them capture the attention of consumers looking for cutting-edge brands. Here are five new trends for 2022 that you’ll want to be aware of and your customers will appreciate.

1. Immersive Image Design Can Motivate Consumers to Buy More

according to statista – And as you may have noticed yourself – people all over the world spend more than two and a half hours every day on their smart phones, and another half an hour on their desktops.

Some of this time is devoted to entertainment, and some is undoubtedly spent running a business or interacting with someone.

For the rest of the time, it is often spent looking for information on things to do outside of their screen, which can include anything from looking for information to purchasing a product or service.

If you have or are building a website that sells products or real-world experience, you should give this some thought. The most effective way to sell something is to let the consumer “feel” it.

How do you do that?

With products, it’s not all that difficult. Perhaps more so when hand-held devices are involved, but it’s not all that difficult nonetheless. There are many ways you can showcase a product that will let the customer “feel” it.

An experience is a different story. In this case, a designer needs to create a digital environment that feels real to the observer. Here are two examples of how this is accomplished.

Many of BeTheme’s pre-built websites have been designed with this approach in mind. BeCottage2 The pre-built website uses an image blurring and filtering effect to blend landscape images into digital content.

surfing2 adopts a similar strategy. In this example, the lightest part of the ocean image is seamlessly blended into the background of the website.

Live for Surfing Theme

What the designer has achieved here is to enable visitors to experience a smooth and easy flow from digital content to a natural setting.

2. Changing typography draws attention to the content

Changes in website typography size, color and style are often employed to great effect as attention-grabbing strategies. In 2022, we will see momentum being added to the lesson as well.

Speed ​​is always noticeable in an otherwise quiet or steady setting, and strategically placed and well-timed speeds applied to content can really make a website stand out in the crowd.

Motion applied to text is a strategy that should be applied sparingly and only to text that you want visitors to pay special attention to.

BeDietShop Performs effectively in its hero image by focusing on delicious foods.

beevent7 Takes a different approach and uses momentum to suggest the ticking of the clock.

You can insert moving typography in this example in several ways. You can count, you can countdown, or you can count things like sales or charitable contributions.

3. Line art background can be used as a useful guide

Web designers have been experimenting with different website background trends over the years. Recently, the focus has been on the use of dramatic gradients. The background video slider and dark mode color scheme have also been popular.

In 2022, it’s going to be something different. Line art will be used to create visual interest, and just as importantly, to provide helpful guidance to visitors.

As you’ll see, pointing a visitor in the desired direction doesn’t require using arrowheads or pointing fingers. More abstract designs can be put into play that suggest rather than to the point but end up having the same effect.

B. Colleague The pre-built site is an example of an abstract, more subtle approach.

Screenshot of the BeCoworking theme

The circles in the two corners are, in their own way, attracting attention. Even more important is how the shapes bend inward. In doing so, they draw more attention to the booking form in the center.

business6 There is another site that uses line art backgrounds effectively.

Screenshot of BeAgency6 Theme

The shapeless shapes may at first seem merely ornamental, but as was the case with the previous example, they subtly guide the visitor’s eye through the material.

when you think about There are several ways to scan people’s eyes on a page.It’s no surprise that subtle line art can do wonders for website engagement.

4. Interactive graphics provide additional context for users

Most business web design addresses three basic purposes: attracting visitors, engaging them with content, and converting them.

Attracting visitors involves capturing and holding their attention, and there are right and wrong ways to go about it.

One great way is to make key elements interactive – such as making a button look like it’s just begging to be clicked, rather than just looking like another flat object on a flat surface; Or like to change or animate a design element when a visitor hovers over it.

But you need to be creative. There will be instances where you want a visitor to stop and learn more about something, as conversation is used to constantly move them toward a desired goal.

An example of getting a visitor to stop is to take normally scrollable content and replace it with a slideshow experience – as in B Interior6 at the top of your home page.

Screenshot of the BeInterior6 theme

In fact, scrolling has become so automatic that you may need to add explicit controls in some cases so that visitors can pause and engage with keyed or important content.

b dentist4 The pre-built site replaced the “before” and “after” images with this unique feature.

It is story telling as well as can “before” and “after” images. It engages the visitor, and is more fun and entertaining to boot.

5. Use a Positive Color Palette to Send the Right Vibes to Visitors

The designers were obsessed with selecting the right color to bring out the desired feeling from a visitor.

It is no secret that a given color can elicit a certain emotion, depending on the context in which it is used, but what is the underlying principle?

The truth is that there are many factors involved, such as the shade of the color, its contrast with other website colors, the culture of the observer, and the above context in which it appears.

A splash of yellow can create a sense of happiness, but a splash of yellow on a website probably won’t create a happy customer or lead to a conversion.

An example would be using a color scheme that creates a gentler feel. babybabyshop The pre-build website uses soft tone backgrounds around the products.

Screenshot of BeBabyShop theme

you can expect BePizza5 The site is quite different, but when you look closely you’ll notice that it uses a somewhat neutral color palette, ranging from dusty green to dusty pink, with beige tones in between.

Screenshot of BePizza5 theme

The use of a more reserved color palette sets this restaurant website apart from many that rely more heavily on bold, spirited colors to attract customers.

Keep up with the times with BeTheme

When a new design trend debuts, you don’t have to go into a state of stress or denial. Once you understand the logic behind the change, you shouldn’t have too much trouble dealing with it.

In fact, you don’t have to risk leaving your comfort zone at all. BeTheme’s pre-built sites are always crafted using the latest trends, and any older versions can easily be adapted or repurchased to incorporate a new trend.

In fact, BeTheme gives you tons of ways to take advantage of the design trends of 2022. with BeThemeYou have a total WordPress design solution at your fingertips.

You have three different builders, 650+ professionally designed pre-built websitesAnd a ton of design help to make it work cost-effectively to build a fully customized site for — or for — any client.

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