75+ Hand-Picked Programming Articles From Medium — November 2022 | by Coffee Bytes | Dec, 2022

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This is Coffee Bytes, a newsletter by Better Programming, covering our favorite stories across Medium to help you discover great content and new voices. saw an increase in the last month Native syntax highlighting in Medium code block, Do you know that code blocks now have a diff option? It’s a win for readers as well as authors and publishers!

I spent the last few days working through a compiler writing playground and stumbled upon a regular expression tutorial By Walter Schultz – An interactive guide explained using Pac-Man.

In this issue: the latest OpenAI and stablecoin additions, the migrated Mastodon example, the growing use of Rust, exploring programming language concepts and tools, and lots of engineering advice. So, let’s dive right in!

November 27 saw the deprecation of the free tier of Heroku. If you’re looking for alternatives, here’s a helpful list jerry ng…and the following guides should help get you up to speed with the new tools:

Javascript et al




Web development



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