In this course, you will learn to develop any kind of website using HTML and Bootstrap. We will start the course by learning about some new features of Bootstrap5 and with that we will start making our website

In this course, we will learn to develop any kind of websites using HTML5. We we learn what is HTML and why is it important to learn HTML for web designing and we will also go through the tools required to code in HTML.

Hacking is a complex and multi-faceted field, and it requires a deep understanding of various computer systems and networks, as well as an extensive knowledge of programming,

You and your friends like to share YouTube links all throughout the day. You want to keep track of all the videos you watch in your own personal notepad, but you find that keeping the entire link is unnecessary.
Keep the video ID (the combination of letters and numbers at the end of the link) in your notepad to slim down the URL.