David Patterson Biography

American computer pioneer, David Andrew Patterson, was a professor of computer science at the University of California. He is known for his operating system, central processing unit and programming language.

Personal life and education

David Patterson was born on 16 November 1947 in Evergreen Park, Illinois, United States. He graduated from South High School in Torrance. He was the first person in his family to graduate. He received a Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics in 1969, a Masters in Computer Science (1970) and a Ph.D. from the University of California at Los Angeles in 1976. His thesis was the validation of microprograms.

David married his childhood sweetheart, Linda, who was his high school friend. She is the founder of East Bay IMPROV. He had two sons.

David enjoys soccer, mountain biking, body surfing, and weight lifting in his spare time. He used to talk about his hobbies, his work and his team in his lectures. He always persuaded the students for teamwork.

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David was the top fundraiser from 2006 to 2012. Turing Award winner David Patterson retired in 2016. He served for 40 years. At Google, he was a notable software engineer.

research and investigation

The main areas of David’s investigation are as follows:

  • parallel computing
  • computer architecture
  • distributed computing
  • Assignments
  • embedded system

contribution to the world

  • David coined the term RISC (R Reduced Instruction Set Computer) while leading the project.
  • He is famous for his research on Redundant Arrays of Inexpensive Disk (RAID) storage.
  • The books written by David on computer architecture are widely used in computer science education.
  • Greatest Jewish Stories.
  • Article – Case for reduced instruction set computers.
  • Article – The case for a redundant array of cheap disks.
  • Article – Design of XPRS
  • Article – The case for a network of workstations

Contribution in the field of Internet

  • computer security
  • system design
  • Server
  • real-time computing
  • software deployment
  • Elasticity and Information Technology
  • protection zone control work
  • workstation

David’s work was related to software engineering. Topics such as Benchmarking, Data Science and Big Data intersect with software where he focused.

In his computer hardware research, David mostly incorporated elements of the array data structure, multi-core processors, and cache.

Awards and honors

David Andrew Patterson received 35 awards for his research, teachings and services. He also got fellowship. Some of them are listed below:

  • In 2006 and 2007, David received fellowships from AAAS—the American Association for the Advancement of Science, and the American Academy of Arts and Sciences.
  • In 2006, he became a member of the National Academy of Sciences and a member of the National Academy of Technology.

last word

David Patterson’s masterpiece is a boon to the modern world. 99% of all new chips from 2018 use the RISC architecture. His systematic and quantitative approach to the evaluation and design of computer architecture had an everlasting impact on the microprocessor industry. Today’s computer engineers and computer scientists, who are adopting and developing their ideas, read his books.

Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft Corporation, in announcing the Turing Award, has indeed said that Patterson’s contributions have proved to be a fundamental foundation that has developed the entire industry.

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