Defining Cybersecurity – What You Need to Know to Stay Safe Online

If you’re like most people, you probably think of “hacking” when you hear the word “cyber security.” And while hacking is certainly a form of cyber security, it is just one aspect of this complex field. In this article, we will discuss what is cyber security and why it is important for organizations to employ it. We’ll also look at some of the top cybersecurity tools on the market and how they can help your business stay secure online.

Defining Cyber ​​Security

The field of information technology security (IT security) or computer security (cyber security), often referred to as ICS, deals with ensuring the security of computer systems and networks by preventing data leakage, hardware theft, damage, service interruption and fraud. is practice.

As computing technology, the Internet and wireless networks are used more frequently, cyber security has become increasingly important. This is due to the explosion of Internet-connected devices, such as cell phones and televisions, as well as other IoT gadgets. As information systems have become so politically and technologically complex, cyber security has emerged as a major issue in today’s society. The primary objective of cyber security is to ensure system dependability, integrity and data confidentiality.

Defining Cyber ​​Security - What you need to know to stay safe online

Reasons why organizations should employ cyber security

Organizations should employ cyber security for a number of reasons. First and foremost, it is important to protect your data from theft or loss. Second, cyber security can help you live by industry standards and regulations such as General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), Lastly, employing cyber security can help you build customer trust and confidence in your brand.

Top Cyber ​​Security Tools on the Market

Qualys Vulnerability Scanner

Qualys Vulnerability Scanner Not only detects vulnerabilities but also ranks them based on their severity. It provides you with key data points related to each vulnerability so that you can make fast, knowledgeable decisions about how to fix them. In addition, it aids in attack prevention, vulnerability analysis, and asset discovery.

The VMDR patch management system integrates with your Configuration Management Database (CMDB) to help you find and fix vulnerabilities more quickly. You will be able to see which vulnerabilities put your business at greatest risk so that you can make a better decision about where to focus your resources.

Qualification and Industry Compliance

Although Qualys offers a slew of services to guarantee compliance with every other criterion for application and cloud security, none of them provide legal compliance.

Their policy compliance service, for example, offers a library of scanned hosts as part of their content package. You can simply apply rules and generate reports for anyone who may need it at your fingertips. You can create controls more quickly using the integrated editor.

Customer onboarding services include file integrity monitoring, vulnerability analysis, and password management. In addition, many more services are accessible.

Best Alternative to Qualys Vulnerability Scanner

Although Qualys is a good vulnerability management solution, it has several significant drawbacks. You are charged a membership fee according to the amount of assets you hold with this firm. Customer service is also terrible, and permission management is tough.

Astra not only closes security gaps in your knowledge, but also provides an advanced vulnerability scanner that is constantly updated to include recent vulnerabilities. In addition, there is also a team of certified Pentesters who can help you test and secure your applications. However, we will still look at some of the advantages of the Astra over the Qualys.

Pentesting by Security Experts

What sets Astra’s best platform apart from the rest is that it employs real humans to spot errors in business logic and uncover difficult vulnerabilities.

assurance zero false positives

Astra’s security experts check your website for vulnerabilities to make sure there are no false positives.

CI/CD integration

Astra’s best platform makes it easy to connect to your organization’s continuous integration/continuous delivery pipeline, allowing automated penetration testing to be a reality.

Interactive Dashboard

Astra’s Pentest Dashboard is the perfect way to keep track of all your vulnerable systems in one place. With their security dashboard, you can quickly investigate and update vulnerabilities, assign problems to team members, and collaborate with our experts. You can also continuously scan for compliance.

Best-in-class scan report

Astra’s in-depth reports are lengthy and provide a clear strategy for action. It includes basic descriptions of vulnerabilities, risk ratings for each, and detailed instructions on how to create test cases to help you prioritize the correction of errors. You’ll not only find step-by-step instructions on how to fix the flaws, but also video PoCs so you can do it yourself.

relevant collaboration

When you use Astra you have the option of using the Astra Security Pentest Dashboard to consult with other security experts. That way, you can quickly resolve any problems your team may have. Other competitors do not provide the same opportunities for communication and support.


Qualys Vulnerability Scanner is a great tool but it has many drawbacks. Astra not only closes security gaps in your knowledge, but also provides an advanced vulnerability scanner that is constantly updated to include recent vulnerabilities. In addition, there is also a team of certified Pentesters who can help you test and secure your applications.

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Ankit Pahuja is the Marketing Lead and Security Evangelist at Astra Security. He’s on a legal mission to help businesses uncover security flaws before hackers do. Ankit is a speaker in the security sector and has given various talks at top companies, underage startups and online events.

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