How To Implement Generics As Methods in Rust | by applied.math.coding | Nov, 2022

An approach using a scientific computing example

In this short article, I want to present a useful approach when you need to implement a method and maintain as few generic type restrictions as possible. We’re looking at a simple-to-implement example, Euler’s method, for solving an ordinary differential equation. Before you shrug, understanding this story requires no knowledge of ordinary differential equations or Euler’s method. It’s just the case that it provides a particularly apt example, especially in scientific computing, often geared to being as limited as possible.

Sometimes, this even leads to favoring dynamic languages ​​over statically typed ones. And this, although it is known that dynamic languages ​​are much less performant than their typed counterparts.

We will see that Rust provides extensibility, security and performance solutions.

For those who need a little wrap-up in Rust, I recommend This Reading list of my articles.

Euler’s method is one of the easiest ways to solve ordinary differential equations. are equations of the latter form


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