How to plan for 2023 in times of uncertainty

As we near the end of 2022, one feeling among those of us in the tech industry is heavy in the air: uncertainty. In the face of mass layoffs, rising inflation, and an economic downturn, it can be difficult to predict what 2023 has in store for us—making planning for the year ahead challenging.

When it comes to hiring tech talent, the challenge lies in knowing your workforce goals for the coming year and calculating the cost of meeting those goals. Luckily, we at CodeSignal have done the work for you by creating a calculator that estimates the cost of hiring all levels of technical talent. This empowers you to share relevant hiring projections and metrics with your team to better plan for hiring in 2023, despite the uncertainty.

how it works

To use CodeSignal’s tech hiring calculator, simply plug in your tech hiring goals for intern, entry-level, mid-career, and senior-level roles. Our calculator will show you how many full-time recruiters, sourcers and coordinators your team will need to meet those goals.

And—for recruiting teams that have been downsized or locked down in their current recruiting workforce, this tool is a game-changer. This allows you to share real data with leadership, which is possible given the size of your team.

Beyond recruiting headcount numbers, the calculator produces a Full, Custom Reports based on your input. Reports show you the engineering hours needed to meet your technical hiring goals, time and cost savings opportunities, and more—built to help recruiting teams have productive conversations with their engineering team counterparts.

Preview of the custom reports you’ll get when you use our Tech Hiring Calculator

Optimize Tech Hiring with CodeSignal

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