Today only! 8 Best Cyber Monday 2022 Deals for Designers and Agencies

One of these 8 Cyber ​​Monday deals could net you a solid return on your investment this year, next year, and beyond.

If you are a website designer or developer, you know how much even a small improvement in a product can pay off in terms of your return on investment. And when that improvement is major, so much the better.

The following Cyber ​​Monday products can do just that for you, your websites, or your business. In some cases the ROI can be great indeed!

There is a wide variety of special discounts. But if you try to check them all, Cyber ​​Monday may come and go before you have a chance to make a choice. We do not want this to happen to you. That’s why we’ve done most of the work for you by bringing together 8 offers that we believe are the most attractive you’ll find anywhere.

happy shopping!

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Incorporating an attractive, responsive, and easily maintainable table or chart into your website is a rewarding experience, but it can take time.

  • You first need to know what you want to show your audience.
  • You cannot allow a table or chart to compromise other sections of your website design.
  • You may have to resort to coding or use a number of tools/plugins to ensure that your tables and charts are responsive, informative and maintainable.

wpDataTables does all of that for you; And in minutes instead of hours or days.

The multitude of tools and features of wpDataTables include –

  • Google Charts, Apex Charts, Chart.js and Highcharts chart-building engines.
  • Ability to process large amounts of complex data from multiple sources and in multiple formats.
  • Color coding/highlighting key data to create highly informative tables or charts.
  • Powerful data filtering and sorting features that ensure you get exactly what you want.

Click the banner to learn more about this powerful and popular table and chart builder plugin and claim your Cyber ​​Monday 50% Lifetime Developer License discount.

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If booking appointments effectively and efficiently is a critical part of your business operations and any part of the process is manual or semi-automated, Amelia can save you time and money from the get-go Completely automate and streamline Your appointment booking and booking management operations.

  • Your clients can create and manage their appointments online 24/7 – no waiting.
  • They can make their payment online using PayPal, Stripe, Molly, and Razer.
  • They will automatically receive reminders and special event notifications via email, SMS or WhatsApp messaging.
  • All your single and group appointments, your special event bookings, and your staff assignments at one or multiple locations can be managed from a single dashboard.

Amelia integrates with Google Calendar, Google Meet, Outlook Calendar, and Zoom. Click the banner to learn more about Amelia, and take advantage of the 50% licensing discount on Cyber ​​Monday.

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Automating your business’s booking operations is often the best way to make it most efficient. One way might be to use multiple tools to automate booking appointments, processing payments, and managing employee schedules, and if you have services at multiple locations, then keep the process separate for each one. Repeat.

A better approach is to manage everything from a single platform using Traft with custom domains and fields that reflect your brand.

  • There is no call waiting with Traft. Customers can book their appointment online 24/7 and also make online payment
  • Traft also manages group bookings, events and virtual appointments via Zoom and automatically sends reminders and notifications via Mailchimp or Sendfox.
  • Traft integrates seamlessly with Google Calendar, Outlook Calendar, and Google Meet.

Click the banner to learn more about how Traft will upgrade your booking capabilities and take advantage of the Cyber ​​Monday 40% and 50% discounts.

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You can download Mobirise, the best offline website builder for 2022, at no cost. Mobirise sweetens the pot with its Cyber ​​Monday offering all-in-one kit With 33% off your 175 premium themes and extensions already amazingly discounted price 149 USD (reg. price 8966 USD and now -98% off)!

  • Mobirise is all drag and drop, and has an impressive selection of blocks, templates, icons, and images.
  • Your websites are guaranteed to be blazing fast, 100% mobile friendly, and can be hosted wherever you choose.
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Total WordPress theme is user-friendly, WooCommerce compatible, super-flexible and a perfect choice for creating any type of website.

  • An impressive selection of demos, templates, and custom cards are included to support Total’s flexible page builder.
  • Total’s latest update includes enhanced integration capabilities for Elementor users and a selection of developer hooks, snippets, and filters.
  • Includes the popular Slider Revolution plugin.

The total 50% Cyber ​​Monday discount will automatically be applied when you place your order.

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With over a decade of experience, LayerSlider has become one of the most popular WordPress tools on the market.

  • LayerSlider gives you a cost-effective way to make old or boring websites look expensive, super exciting, and really stand out from the crowd.
  • Features include a brand new and modern editor interface, 150+ website, slider and popup templates, and the ability to build everything from page blocks to full websites.

Use BFCM30 Code to get your Cyber ​​Monday 30% off.

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WoodMart has the tools you need to build an outstanding online store as well as a wealth of features you won’t find in most other eCommerce-oriented themes, including –

  • WoodMart’s easy-to-use setup wizard
  • Importable pre-built demo websites that you can intermix to build your own pages
  • A library of templates and custom pages and 50+ Elementor widgets
  • Ajax filters, a header builder, and SEO and performance optimization tools.

Check it out.

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We tested WhatFontIs, a popular new font-discovery solution for designers, and we love it. So:

  • The massive database of 850,000 free and commercial fonts provides an excellent source of information.
  • The AI-based search engine makes it possible to recognize your submitted font image in mere seconds 90% of the time.

WhatFontIs can also identify cursive fonts as long as the letters are separated.

Whether you’re itching to start a new project, spruce up an old website, or are looking for a way to promote your business, you’ll find this selection of Cyber ​​Monday’s top deals a good, close-to-the-best deal. Must be seen through the eyes.

One or more of the above products can not only make your day but continue to give for the remainder of this year and into the future.

There are plenty of discounts. But everything on this list would still be a bargain if you had to pay full price.

said that. Happy shopping and best wishes!

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