What is Microsoft Power BI Certification? Is it Worth It?

Microsoft Power BI (Business Intelligence) is a robust analytics solution that helps businesses of all types analyze data and share insights. With this technology, companies can monitor their operations more closely and get instant answers with a comprehensive dashboard available on all devices. Power BI is a set of processes, systems and technologies that convert raw data into relevant and supporting content that can be used to make compelling business decisions. Microsoft Power BI Certification It is about studying historical data rather than assumptions. It promotes fact-based and logical decision making.

Power BI encompasses many goods and services, and the value and versatility come from exploiting the different pieces and capitalizing on the way they interact. The major parts of Microsoft Power BI are:

Power BI Services

Microsoft Power BI service is a secure cloud service. You can view reports, dashboards, and the Power BI app using a web browser or mobile app for Android, iOS, and Windows.

Power BI Desktop

Power BI Desktop is a self-service data analysis and report publishing application. Developers and data scientists use it to generate distributed reports to the Power BI service. It can generate dynamic graphics connecting to more than 70 on-premises and cloud data sources.

What is Microsoft Power BI Certification?

Microsoft’s business analysis tool, Power BI, enables data analysts, scientists and other technologists to quickly delve into datasets in search of important insights. The Microsoft Power BI certification exam assesses your abilities in the following areas: Dashboards, Reports, Configure Apps (25-35%), Data Consumption and Transformation using Power BI Desktop (20-25%) in Power BI Services , and data modeling and visualization (45–50%).

“Exam PL-300: Microsoft Power BI Data Analyst,” originally known as “Exam DA-100: Analyzing Data with Microsoft Power BI,” is a Microsoft Power BI certification. The test lasts 90 minutes and costs $165; It is offered in several languages ​​including Japanese, English, German and Arabic.

This certification assesses your technical ability to perform the following tasks:

  • data preparation
  • data modeling
  • Data visualization and analysis
  • Asset Deployment and Maintenance

Benefits of Microsoft Power BI Certification

If you want to gain attention in the job market, you’ll need to study for exams and build a project portfolio that demonstrates your ability to execute data analysis. However, after earning certification for the program, you will build many of the skills needed to thrive in the field.

  • Transforming data with Power BI Desktop involves connecting to data sources, applying transformations, and then purifying the data.
  • Modeling and Visualizing Data provides you with the skills to build or adapt existing data models.
  • Configure Power BI Service Dashboards, Reports and Apps – This teaches you how to set up dashboards, publish reports, and embed them.

Additional Certification Programs

if you are interested in Microsoft Certification You should also check out these additional certification programs that will increase your chances of getting a better job in the market.

1. Exam DA-100: Analyzing data with Microsoft Power BI now feeds to a Microsoft Certified: Data Analyst associate. The certification demonstrates that the holder can build and scale models of data and implement a method of analytics that derives relevant data insights as a Microsoft Data Analyst associate.

2. Associate Level Data Analysis Certificate Exam PL-300 is: Microsoft Power BI Data Analyzer: The program allows you to gain practical knowledge and skills, work on real-world projects and build your portfolio, which will help you with your job search. Taking a short online (part-time or full-time) data analyst training course will help you develop the skills that employers look for in employees.

How does this certification help you in your future?

According to Burning Glass, which collects and analyzes millions of job postings across the US, the number of positions requiring Power BI capabilities will increase by 34.6 percent over the next decade. The median income for businesses that require Power BI skills is approximately $87,000 annually, rising to over $120,000 for those with the appropriate combination of experience and ability. While certification is not required to access Power BI positions, it can increase your chances in a crowded pool of applicants.

If you are a Business Intelligence Analyst, Data Analyst, or Business Intelligence Architect/Developer, it is likely that your next job will include Power BI knowledge as one of its criteria.


So, why does Power BI require PL-300 Microsoft Power BI certification? This certification is important because it shows that you understand how to handle reports and dashboards with Power BI. It also shows your proficiency in sharing and distributing content, creating paged reports and publishing reports in Power BI Workspace. Finally, having a Microsoft-certified stamp gives you market credibility because you’ve been validated by the business that makes Power BI!

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